redesign & staging

Homeowners . . . If you've lived in your home for 10, 20 years or more, odds are you've accumulated a lot of things. Who knows where to begin when clearing things out? You may not even like your home anymore, and sometimes that's simply because its filled to the brim with too much clutter! Many of us get overwhelmed by the sentimentality of certain knick knacks, or don't see how limiting a large piece of furniture has become.

Urban Elements comes into your home and gives you our recommendations as an outsider with a trained eye. You can then tackle what you want, when you want, on your own time.

Real Estate Agents We also team up often with local real estate agents to help prepare properties for listing. We're experts at tactfully explaining to you or to your client the things they can do to improve the first impression of their home.

We are experts at redesign and can overhaul your needy space. We look forward to transforming it into one that is appealing, inviting, and the best utilized. We can create a list of recommendations for you to work from, or simply roll up our sleeves and do it for you; costs vary depending on the level of involvement you desire. Contact us for details.