product sourcing

The products you need. One thing we've learned over the years is that a client shouldn't have to worry about the many product vendors necessary to complete their project. The best results (with the least amount of headaches) come when we are able to handle all the details on your behalf, streamlining the process and minimizing a client's stress and confusion. Even better: the pricing we get is often better than retail. It is because of this that we can directly provide you with so many of the elements necessary to complete your commercial or residential design.

Lobby seating. Granite counter tops. Workstations. Window treatments. Lighting. Custom fabrics. Patio furniture. Room decor. Sometimes you may not even desire design services. All you want is the product itself, whether it be flooring, office desks or even framed artwork. We can help. The vast array of products we can provide you with is nearly endless.

Got something in mind? Just ask.