Extend the life of your outdoor space well into Fall . . .

With fall weather just around the corner, we Oregonians want to make every outdoor moment last as long as possible. There are some easy ways to add to your exterior "interiors" that won't break the bank.

For instance, keep a basket of colorful wool blankets around to provide your guests when there’s a nip in the air, or adding a small fireplace or "chiminea" might do the trick.  You can use a large oversized patio umbrella if you don't have an overhang to keep out of the drizzle, but just make sure that it’s waterproof.

Many times the addition of a propane heater along side an out door fireplace or fire pit is all you need to cut the chill. And of course there is always the tried and true "hot toddy".

So embrace the change of season and enjoy those beautiful fall colors and your out door spaces with friends and family!